Insulated structural panels made of a high-density polystyrene core.   You can walk on them and they do not condensate. They have a flat surface so debris falls off easily. Recommended for room enclosures and carports if you have a lot of debris from trees nearby falling on the roof.

Elite Insulated Roof Panels

Pan-style Aluminum Roofs

Pro Pan System to insulate aluminum roofs

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Great system to insulate existing 3" riser pan roofs.  2 1/2" x 11 7/8" styrofoam inserts are cut to length and placed over area to insulate. Finished with .024 aluminum pan cover and sealed with neo prene washers and caulking.  Strengthens, insulates and quiets pan-style roofs.

A pan roof system consists of 3" aluminum riser pans that interlock. Great for shade and rain cover for carports, screen enclosures and walkways.  Not recommended for areas that are susceptible to a lot of tree debris. They are not insulated so pans will condensate.  Roof pans are not structural so you need to be very careful and know how to walk on them without causing damage.